Friday, October 17, 2008


1. When you have a substitute, you could use a podcast (which you have pre-prepared) to teach information. Although this isn't as effective as a lesson, some form of regular teach-student interaction will be helpful for students when their teacher is gone. (Teacher Generated)
2. Students could use podcasting for inter-class projects. It would be informative for students in different classes to interact with each other through podcasts for various lessons/activities (Student Generated)
3. Have students do pod-casting for oral presentations. As a new way for students to present information, they could do podcasts, which would help those who are afraid of presenting in front of a class. (Student Generated)
4. Student can listen to pod-casts from other schools to learn about subjects they are learning in class. This is another form of interaction with other classes. Students can interact with students from other schools on the same material. (Student Generated)
5. Students can do podcasts to send information home to their parents. Parents love to see feedback so this is a new way for students to bring what they have learned home. (Student Generated)
6. At the end of each unit, students should be told they will be presenting podcasts, so that they know they have to prepare the information in order to teach it. (Student Generated)


Amy O'Leary said...

I like the idea of students using podcasts to send back to their parents. Its a good way to get parents involved in what their kids are doing in class. I think that the idea about using podcasts with substitutes is interesting. I think it would be difficult to use in some classroom situations, like one with behavior issues but in the right class setting, it could be very useful. A lot of these ideas are very good for making students more responsible and accountable for their work and how they progress in the class. When kids have a bigger say in how they do in a class, they tend to be more interested and work harder.

John Jacobson said...

Wow: the substitute teacher idea is very interesting. It would certainly be more useful than an hour or more of busy work. It would probably work out if you included both, so not as to overwhelm either the students or the sub. I don’t know if having the students prepare a podcast to present in class is really necessary. I think it’s important to learn to be able to comfortably speak in front of a group of people (although I don’t think that a large portion of their grade should ever depend upon it). I think that using a podcast at the end of each chapter might be a little much. You might not want to use it that often (but if it ends up being effective, I’d say go for it).